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How a registered dietician became the pioneer of faith-based weight loss
Gwen Shamblin, M.S., R.D, has an undergraduate degree in dietetics and a master’s degree in nutritional science. She is a member of the American Dietetic Association with five years of experience working in health departments teaching good nutrition to a large population and then another five years of experience as an instructor of foods and nutrition at the University of Memphis. Through this experience, she saw a need that was not being met by just giving people nutritional information. After years of watching people struggle to follow diet plans and having gone through her own experience of tying to lose weight with diets, she realized that the missing ingredient to success was found in the soul. Gwen learned how to turn an empty, hurting heart to God and find His plan for healthy eating that He puts inside of each person. The result of this experience was the Weigh Down Workshop and the best-selling Weigh Down Diet book. These materials taught people how to eat and think like a “thin eater” and how to overcome binge eating. The results were phenomenal, with hundreds of thousands of people losing all of their excess weight and keeping it off. The program quickly spread internationally and continues to produce testimonies of people who have lost all of their excess weight and not regained it.

Tackling the World’s Obesity Epidemic
The obesity epidemic is creating a worldwide crisis. Just in the past few years, the overweight/obesity rate has climbed to an alarming seven out of every ten American adults and a heartbreaking one out of five children. And this is not just a problem in the United States; the trend continues globally with four out of every ten people across the planet struggling with overweight or obesity. Almost two billion adults currently suffer from this condition, and health care companies, researchers and scientists are desperately pursuing a solution but finding no answers. However, there is an answer. Gwen Shamblin has helped thousands of people to lose not just some of their weight, but all of their excess weight and keep it off. This program works for everyone… adults, seniors, children, diabetics, those with physical handicaps, hormonal imbalances and food allergies. Everyone who applies these principles will lose weight and keep it off. Gwen uses a nutritionally-sound program that does not call for any special foods, exchange lists or exercise programs. It works by changing how we approach food and teaching the participant to tune into the internal, natural cues that they already have; however, these cues lie buried under years of food rules and diets. This method has proven to be successful and results in permanent behavior change. People are truly set free and healthier than ever before. There is no other program with greater success.  

Helping America and the world stop dieting
Gwen realized that the majority of people have tried diets all their lives, but diets have not worked. Diet companies are a major global industry, producing programs every month with new rules and more food products to buy and exercise equipment to try. Man-made diet rules are the number one prescribed remedy for obesity for the last 50 to 60 years. Yet, diets have cost us much—billions each year—and have only exacerbated the problem of overeating in this country more than any protocol ever advised—indeed, this country is now at 70 percent overweight or obese. Gwen Shamblin shows how diets do not get to the root problem—sensual desires. The fact is that man-made rules increase sensual desires. Diets force you to focus on food and let you chew larger amounts of food. Then, after years of dieting, it becomes deeper than just about larger amounts. Diets breed an emotional attachment. At this point, even if you stop the diet, you may not lose the weight. God has never asked anyone to eat food off of a list, to count fat exchanges, to take an appetite suppressant, or to participate in excessive time-consuming exercise. You have just been applying the wrong medicine to this spiritual condition. You were using your willpower and man's rules. Man-made rules will not work. Gwen can connect people with the built-in mechanisms programmed by God and can show people the “how to” make a change that will last. These changes are do-able and successful, as shown by the thousands of testimonies of successful weight loss.  

Helping America get healthy
Research shows that the single most related factor to good health, longevity and fewer heart attacks, cancer or diabetes is being at your right weight. However, this goal is unobtainable for the majority of Americans as shown by the 70% rate of overweight and obesity in America today. Gwen Shamblin has had the opportunity to personally help thousands who were struggling with overweight and obesity, and millions have read these materials. The results have been instant and permanent weight loss. Through the seminars and the best-selling book, The Weigh Down Diet, Gwen has reached millions, and the success statistics are unprecedented. These results are not to be found at any medical clinic or weight loss facility in the world. Any program can possibly produce a few testimonies of people that happened to lose weight, but no other program has produced hundreds of testimonies who have kept large amounts of weight off for three, five, or even over ten years. Yes, something is very different here, and it should give you much hope! The testimonies you meet on our websites or in our materials are everyday people; they had tried everything possible to lose weight…only to gain back even more. But they tried one more program: Weigh Down. And they have now learned the secret of how to turn to God for help on His terms. It truly makes all the difference.  
Helping people eat regular foods without overeating
Gwen Shamblin shows participants how God did not give the animals a "food pyramid" to decode and interpret what foods to eat, and yet they are beautiful and well-fed. It is simply not as complicated as the nutrition world would have you believe. The foods we eat from the grocery store are adequate if we eat a variety. The term "regular foods" includes pizza, cheeseburgers, eggs and pancakes, cereal and milk, ham and cheese sandwiches, chips with cheese dip and chili, Chinese foods, rice and beans, taco pile-up with lettuce and chopped tomatoes, peanut butter and jelly, and deli sandwiches—and everyone gets in the mood for apples, grapes, and carrots or celery with ranch dressing—all from the grocery store, and they are America's most popular foods. God has designed your body in such an amazing way that you do not have to worry, for if you just follow the internal, natural cues, the human body prompts you for what you need to be truly healthy, and Gwen can give participants the tools they need to find these cues and be successful.  
Helping people to handle their emotions and stop addictive behavior
After counseling people from all walks of life on how to stop dieting, stop smoking, stop over-drinking, stop over-shopping and much more for over 30 years, Gwen was able to see that these cravings were related to a desire for sensual indulgence—looking for a feeling…but that feeling can only truly be filled by God. Many a hurting person has tried program after program in an effort to give up cigarettes or stop their over-drinking without success. They have not been able to fill up that need, that craving, with anything else, so they just go back to their old ways. Gwen Shamblin has found the answer and has helped hundreds of people to stop smoking, stop doing drugs and give up excess alcohol never to go back—and not only never go back but also not have those cravings ever again. She gives participants the tips, mental tools and techniques that they need to make it through each day without those crutches, and every day just gets better until they are completely free of whatever had tempted them before. There is no other program that works like this on treating every bad habit and addiction.

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All my life I had been addicted to food. At a very young age I was already sneaking leftovers from the kitchen after supper. By the age of 10 I turned to bulimia and was able to pretty much keep it under control until I got married, but by the time I had given birth to my fifth child, I had ballooned up to a size that I could no longer camouflage with loose clothing. Nothing worked until I found Weigh Down. Through the books and classes, I was able to lose over 40 pounds and have kept it off since 2001. I am thinner than the day I got married after having 7 children! I have been set free from bulimia, dieting, exercise addiction, depression and so much more!

Michelle Wright

Jill Snapp - Before and After Weigh Down

I have lost 176 pounds eating hamburgers, french fries and all my favorite foods! How is this possible? Well, I was always fat, even as a young child. By the time I was 20, I was over 200 pounds and rapidly reached over 300 pounds. After trying every diet imaginable, a friend gave me The Weigh Down Diet book by Gwen Shamblin and signed me up for her Weigh Down Basics class. The food tips and principles completely revolutionized my eating and what I ate because I got off of diet foods and onto regular foods. Gwen Shamblin taught me on the first video how to eat a hamburger and french fries. Throughout my weight loss journey, Gwen taught me ways to overcome mindless eating when I was emotional or bored. She helped me to know what to do with my time at 10 o’clock at night when the house was quiet and I wanted to binge. She taught me how to stop binge eating!! I quickly lost weight and was able to get down to a total of 180 pounds lost! This program works!

Jill Snapp