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If you leave a root of love of self over love of God or love of food over the love of God, it will come back, and it will take over. If you leave a root of indulgence in the heart, even if you have laid 90 percent of it ...[READ MORE]
Tue, Aug 21, 2018
Daily Devotional


Tedd Anger - Before and After Weigh Down

My battle with weight started in college. I gained the freshman 40, not the freshman 15. When I graduated, I was able to lose most of that weight through excessive exercise, counting fat grams, carbs and calories, but it would only last for a month or so and I would eventually gain it all back. I was eating fat-free food and gaining weight! This yo-yo weight gain and loss went on for about 5 years (usually gaining, not losing). I had accepted the fact that I would always have extra weight on me like the rest of my family. My wife introduced me to WeighDown at the end of 1999. I remember thinking that I was not eating too much, but that my problem was hereditary. As I learned “to eat only when my body was truly hungry and stopping when I was politely full,” not eating to the point of being stuffed, the weight started to come off. The changes were amazing and permanent! I lost 55 pounds in 6 months and it has stayed off!

Tedd Anger



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