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Most of the world offers dessert at the end of the meal. God created man to like desserts, otherwise how would so many diverse populations do the same thing? I have noticed my own cravings for something sweet as I get toward the end of a meal... Read more on Gwen ...[READ MORE]
Sun, Jun 24, 2018
Daily Devotional


Marc Dunn - Before and After Weigh Down

In 1996 my wife, Tish, was introduced to Gwen Shamblin and Weigh Down by way of a Weigh Down class in Germany while we were visiting family overseas. Shortly thereafter, she joined an Exodus Out of Egypt class, bought The Weigh Down Diet book, lost 35 pounds and overcame a number of other strongholds. I then signed up for a class. Over the course of that seminar and the next few months, I lost 70 pounds off of my 5’11” frame!

Marc Dunn



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