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You will never lose the love of food unless you stop dieting and let go of control. Diets will never make you self-controlled—they make you get OUT of control. Man-made rules [or diets] will never sanctify you or give you the self-control you desire... Read more on Gwen Shamblin's Daily Devotional ...[READ MORE]
Sun, Oct 21, 2018
Daily Devotional


When I was a teen, I used to weigh 80 pounds more than I do now; I had a passion for and addiction to food. It was my comfort, it was my fun; food was my love. Little did I know, the more I shoved food down my throat, the emptier I felt. I can even remember times when I was younger and setting an alarm to wake up in the middle of the night to go and eat. I was definitely enslaved! Then my mother found Weigh Down, and I started taking classes and our whole family ended up losing weight. I have kept the weight off for over a decade now!

Blake Zanoni



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