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True Love is more powerful than any other energy or power, more important than any other resource, and therefore, the most important study of all because True Love overcomes evil... Read more on Gwen Shamblin's Daily Devotional ...[READ MORE]
Thu, Sep 20, 2018
Daily Devotional


Most of my life was spent searching for the “next best” diet or fad which promised to take all my cares away. The result: I wasted much time and money on diets, exercise programs, and pills only to lose some weight and gain more back! I experienced no permanent results from any of the fad diets and weight loss programs. In January of 1995, I attended my first Weigh Down seminar and quickly started losing weight! Since I fully applied these principles, the excess weight has stayed off more than a decade! As a result of the principles taught in these classes, I am now 100+ pounds smaller and free from depression!

Jayne Dubois



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