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Gwen Shamblin - Weigh Down RallyGwen Shamblin was born and raised in Memphis. She grew up with a medical background, and received her undergraduate degree in Dietetics and Master’s Degree in Nutrition with an emphasis in Biochemistry from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Gwen was an Instructor of Foods and Nutrition at the University of Memphis for five years, and she worked with the city's Health Department for an additional five years, helping specifically in the areas of overweight, obesity, pregnancy, and child health.

She has appeared on countless TV programs, consulted thousands of individuals and participated on various speaking panels as a health expert. She was eventually coined by the media as the “Pioneer of Faith-Based Weight Loss.” After Gwen’s success, many faith-based programs have copied, but neither Gwen nor Weigh Down’s success has ever been duplicated.

Back in college, Gwen’s love for God, her sudden 20-pound weight gain, and her academic knowledge collided. In 1992, she founded Weigh Down to teach these principles to those who were desperately seeking to lose weight permanently. This teaching began yielding unprecedented results. Participants were not only losing their weight while eating regular foods, but they were using the same Bible-based principles to turn away from other addictions such as smoking or alcohol abuse.

Gwen Shamblin - You Can OvercomeWord had begun to spread about Weigh Down, and the growth was explosive. By the late 1990s, Weigh Down was internationally known. Gwen Shamblin was featured on such shows as 20/20Larry King Live, and The View, as well as in such magazines as Good Housekeeping and Woman's Day. In 1997, Gwen responded to the nation's request to offer the Weigh Down principles in book format, and The Weigh Down Diet was published by Doubleday, Inc. The book quickly became a million-seller as people discovered the secrets to losing weight quickly and permanently while finding a new relationship with God.

The dream of helping people turn away from the love of food and toward a love of God has turned into a ministry and continues even stronger today. Through Weigh Down Workshop classes, Weigh Down Radio, You Can Overcome Shows, books and audios, hundreds of people are helped daily as they break away from the pain of obesity and other addictive substance or destructive behaviors. Gwen is continually producing new materials, yet she turned Weigh Down into a 501-3(c), nonprofit entity. Funds that are received through the sale of Weigh Down products are used to support each respectively to help hurting people of every nationality discover the love of God that can set them free.

A Note from Gwen to Her Family...

The longer I live, the more I am sure that all of the facts that surround a person are of no value without this...there is nothing worth knowing or imitating more about someone than their deep love for God and for others. May the words of this website encourage you to imitate those who imitate Jesus Christ. I value my time with the prisoners, the children and the gentle. I know there is more to go to have the characteristics of Christ. 

Gwen Shamblin - Joe Lara - and some of their familyI sincerely want to thank my husband, Joe Lara, and my children, Michael and his wife Elle, Elizabeth and her husband Brandon. They could be working anywhere and doing anything, but they have chosen humbly to work every day with me and with this ministry. We all now live within a few houses of each other, which has turned out to be an incredible blessing for me. With our family now surrounded by eight little ones, my life is full of sleepovers, walks in our garden, going to the movies and showing them my love for God and for them. I am thankful for them and for all the Weigh Down participants along with my close staff. It is a wonderful life!

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